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Frequently Asked Questions

(Please also click here to read the House Rules!)

Q: What is Kingsbury Cemetery?
A: Kingsbury Cemetery is a professional Haunted Attraction that started in 2000 and spent ten years honing its craft, as a non-profit Home Haunt which collected non-perishable food items to donate to the Corning Community Food Pantry. We have been working hard to take the haunt commercial for several years and now we can give the area the best attraction it’s ever seen. Come see what sets us apart and makes us more sophisticated than the usual blood, guts and chainsaws. You can drive farther and pay more but you won’t find better.

Q: How can I get tickets?
A: Admission tickets are available online HERE as well as our Box Office on nights we are open. Combo tickets are your best deal and VIP tickets will treat you to no waiting in line and other privileges not available to standard ticket holders. Buying online saves you time and money. When you buy you tickets from us, rest assured that we wont sneak in taxes, facility charges, convenience fees (convenient for who?) , postage, ten feet of gig line and an Albanian smoke shifter at the checkout just to jack up the price. THE PRICE WE ADVERTISE IS THE PRICE YOU PAY! And remember a full dollar of every ticket will be donated to the Corning Community Food Pantry.

Q: Is there food available?
A: Yes we will have drinks and snacks available at reasonable prices. Please do not bring outside food and drinks. We won’t charge you $5 for a bottle of water just because we can.

Q: Do I walk through by myself?
A: You want to go through all by yourself without someone to hang on to? Are you Nuts!? You’d better bring a friend. All tours of the haunt are self-led, but you certainly won’t be alone. It’s up to you to get out of Kingsbury Manor or the Asylum alive.

Q: Is it scary??
A: Yes! That’s kind of the point and why you’re here isn’t it? We’ll scare you. We LIVE for it. And tell your boyfriend not to get mad at us after he’s left you to go on alone because he’s cowering in a corner and crying like a kindergartner.

Q: Will any of the monsters touch me?
A: Not unless you touch them first! If you’re that worried about being touched then you’re probably a little full of yourself. Not everyone wants to touch you so grow up and get over it. Our creatures have no idea where you’ve been and you’re probably all full of cooties anyhow. Remember though this is an interactive experience. Occasionally something unspeakable might brush past you in a darkened corridor...........If you get touched, it is probably because you looked tasty and we just could not resist a little nibble. You will not be hurt. Well… probably.

Q: Will I see a lot of blood and guts?
A: No. We think its more challenging to do a truly scary haunted house without resorting to the gross out factor. Trust us! You WILL be scared. And you’ll be too busy being scared that you wont miss the blood and guts at all. We don’t want you to throw up. We want the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up.

Q: Where is the chainsaw guy?
A: Besides the chainsaw (or any other power tool) being so clichéd and overused in haunted houses, this is a Victorian themed haunted attraction. Defined as a time frame of 1837 to 1901. When do you think chainsaws were invented genius?

Q: What if it rains?
A: We are will be open in any weather short of a tornado or blizzard. In the unlikely event it becomes necessary to close due to the weather we will post it on the website and on our Facebook page. Don’t be afraid of rain, be afraid of us! You won’t melt; you’re not made of as much sugar as you think.

Q: Will it be the same as last year?
A: No. New props, themes, costumes, audio and special effects will be added each year. You will never see the same show twice.

Q: What’s the best time to come?
A: Early during the season and early during our operating hours. Crowds and lines increase closer to Halloween.

Q: Is it family friendly?
A: IF everyone in your family is capable of going through a haunted house and being scared then YES its awesome family fun and entertainment. If you mean do we have cute pumpkins and happy singing ghosts then the answer is NO. We started out a little bit family friendly way back in 2000 but continued to get requests to make it even scarier. We’ve been continually amping up our scares and scenes ever since and we make no claim to be child friendly. The inhabitants of Kingsbury do NOT have an OFF switch. No mercy will be shown to the wusses.

Q: Are you handicapped accessible?
A: We are working toward being completely ADA compliant. If you have specific concerns please contact us via email.

Q: What are the hours?
A: 7-10pm. The box office sells its last ticket of the night at 10pm. We will remain open until the last ticket holder of the night exits the house or whenever the ghouls inside have eaten their fill of fresh patrons. Whichever comes first.

Q: What’s the best way to get the latest info on Kingsbury?
A: Sign up for our quarterly email list on the right in the sidebar (scroll up!). Bookmark our website and watch our Facebook page.

Q: Where did you get all those props?
A: Most are hand built from common everyday building materials. Some items are bought and then modified for our purpose. Some specialty and special effects items are purchased and used as is.

Q: How long did it take to build all that stuff?
A: We have not kept track of hours spent working on props and projects. Let’s just say that over the past ten years is been A LOT. Kingsbury Cemetery takes all year to plan and build. Even before this season’s props come down, the mental wheels start turning again and grinding out new theme and project ideas.

Q: How much do you spend on Halloween every year?
A: More than you would imagine. And…. BTW didn’t your mother tell you that it’s kinda rude to ask?

Q: What are you some kind of nut job or Satanist or something??  We are a respectable Christian family, we don’t celebrate Halloween.
A: Just a second, let me get my soap box……..Sorry to disappoint your narrow minded views, but the owners as well as many of our volunteers here are respectable church going Christians also. We don’t sacrifice black cats or virgins with buzz saws and don’t throw banana peels on the sidewalk in front of retirement homes. We don’t think that letting our kids read Harry Potter novels will turn them into witches. Unlike some people we know the difference between fantasy and reality. We don’t do blood, gore and violent and or satanic themes at our haunt.  We do love Halloween though and love to scare and entertain people. This is an enjoyable and creative outlet for everyone on our team. We give back to the community in our sizeable donations to the Community Food Pantry. Our opinion is that Halloween is about as Evil as a person makes it out to be. Is there evil in the world? Absolutely. But you won’t find the real thing at Kingsbury. If you want to fight evil in the world there are a lot better places to start than denying your kids some fun at Halloween.  We fully support everyone’s right to believe what they want and worship they way they choose. That being said, we also feel that some of the more fanatical “Christians”, who go out of their way every year to try and turn the rest of us away from the “Evils of Halloween”, are a rather sour, judgmental, and sanctimonious lot of people who probably have way too much free time on their hands.

Q: How can I become involved?
A: We welcome new volunteer help. Every year we have a crew of 40+ volunteers to help. We are always looking for a few additional volunteers for the next season. If you’re interested Click Here. If you cannot donate time, monetary donations to the cause are always appreciated. A DONATION$ BOX is available outside during the times the Haunted House is open.  All donations will be used for future projects at Kingsbury Cemetery.