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My Haunting Philosophy

You won't find chainsaws in our Haunted House, and not much blood and gore. No Freddy, and no Jason. Many commercial Haunted Houses today that do slash and gore, would more appropriately be termed Horror Houses rather than "Haunted". When WE think of the word HAUNTED we think of ghosts, goblins, skeletons, Gothic, Victorian, the supernatural, and things that go bump in the night. Attractions that are gory and disgusting appeal to the same part of your brain that makes you slow down and gawk at a car crash. Of course some people really enjoy that genre and that’s fine. We’ve been to some “over the top” “gore-fest” haunts that have been awesomely well done. House of Shock and Dead Acres (the Haunted Hoochie) are two examples that leap to mind. Attractions like these are incredible and we’d highly recommend them. What bothers us is when some yahoo slaps together a few yards of black plastic, some fake body parts and a couple gallons of fake blood and calls it a haunt. When visiting our Haunted Attraction we’d rather make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up rather than grossing you out. Creating a truly scary Haunted House without resorting to all the gore, for us, is more challenging to do well.

We also try as much as possible to immerse our patrons in our world. We feel this can only happen if you start by involving them with a good story. The other type of haunt that we’ve seen too many of is what we call the “disconnected themes” haunt. Dracula in one room, butcher shop, autopsy room, electric chair, Frankenstein, Freddy, Jason, (and a Scream ghost and killer clown thrown in for good measure) and finally a chainsaw to chase everyone out.  Sorry, that doesn’t do it for us. This is why we spend so much time with our back stories, themes, set dressing, lights and audio. We want to immerse you and tie it all together.

The chainsaw thing has been overdone in the industry.

Also, the chainsaw killer was someone else's creative idea and character. Likewise with other characters like Freddy, and Jason. We like to create our own unique characters and props. Hopefully people coming though our Haunt won't be seeing the same stuff they saw a few miles down the road. Not that we’re averse to borrowing (well ok stealing) a good idea or effect when we see one. Do people jump and scream time and time again when they get to the chainsaw scene, even though they know its coming and they've seen them year after year after year? Sure they do, and other haunted attraction owners sometimes will say that if you have a haunted house you're crazy not to have a chainsaw guy because it's an easy scare. Easiest isn't always the best, and we intend to have the most unique, creative and sophisticated Haunt in the Twin-Tiers / Finger Lakes region of New York.

Another thing we’ll never stop is learning. After 10+ years haunting and attending conventions, we’ve learned A LOT. But we certainly don’t know it all. Which is why we invest a lot of time and money each year going to Haunt Industry conventions so that we are always up on new products and methods. We continue to apply the latest in Haunted House technology and products to enhance Kingsbury Cemetery. We want to be high-tech and sophisticated, but never forget that a good actor scare can be worth ten times what a sophisticated Animatronic can do. We strive to improve both the high tech eye candy and the haunt actors every year. We can guarantee that no other haunted house in our area has invested as much in their props and people as we have. You’ll often see haunts that advertise that they are “THE BEST”. Best by whose standards??? Best is very subjective. Ultimately You have to decide what is best. Sure, people have called us the best and that makes us happy. The only thing though that can be truthfully said is that we stick with creating a haunt that we would really enjoy if we were the patron. Do you want to see a haunt that is more dedicated to the art of haunting more than making a quick buck? Do you want to be scared? We’ll scare you here. Ohhhh yeah! (Truth be told, we’ll scare the piss out of you!) Have you ever read a good story and then imagined what it would be like to step right into the story? You can here! Do you want to see some unique and amazing creativity? That’s us! Come and see the difference.