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House Rules

Please read and understand before entering!

For your safety, our attraction is staffed by police and our own security team.

We use DVR back-up security cameras to monitor all areas of the haunt.

  1. Enter at your own risk!
  2. The attraction is NOT recommended for any patrons who have the following Issues or debilitating Physical Ailments, such as, Pregnant Women, the Elderly, Claustrophobics, people with Respiratory Problems, Heart Conditions, Epilepsy, Asthma, on Crutches, and persons suffering Emotional or Physical Trauma.
  3. All ticket sales are final. No refunds. If you wuss out and are too scared to go on then we’ve done the job you paid us to do!
  4. Cell phones must be closed and put away during your time in the haunt. If you are texting or yakking on your phone while going though the haunt you are wasting your money and ruining the experience for others. Also we cannot stop the event to look for lost cell phones or other items. If you loose something call us and well check our lost and found the next business day.
  5. No sandals or high heels. Dress for October weather in New York. Closed toed shoes and jeans will do just fine. And you in the high heels, who are you tying to impress? The undead?
  6. No smoking, Lighters or open flames anywhere on the property!! Kingsbury Cemetery is a smoke-free attraction both inside and out, including the waiting line! This is due to fire codes and for the safety of everyone.  If you must smoke you need to return to your vehicle or go off the property.
  7. No food or drink inside the haunt.
  8. No weapons, concealed or visible, are permitted on the property at any time.
  9. No one under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be admitted. If we suspect this our security and Police will escort you off the property without a refund!
  10. No running, Pushing or shoving! Yes we know you’re scared but let’s also think of everyone’s safety and try not to act like a jackwagon.
  11. No Foul language! If you can’t behave yourself in public, and your mother only taught you four letter words, please stay home!
  12. No flashlights, laser pointers or other light sources allowed while touring the haunt.
  13. No Flash photography or video inside the haunt! Our creatures are very sensitive to bright lights! It also spoils the experience for other guests.
  14. No touching of any props or actors. Keep your bloody fingers off the precious family heirlooms! Touch nothing and nothing will touch you back! (This is an interactive experience however.........occasionally something unspeakable might brush past you in a darkened corridor.)
  15. No soiling of undergarments please! Yes it does happen, and yes we WILL single you out for ridicule. Your name will be added to the “wee wee” list. The #1 list is bad enough, you don’t want your name on our #2 list.
  16. This experience may be too intense for guests under 12.  We recommend 12 and over, but do not deny entry to younger patrons. Parents must decide if their children are capable of experiencing the attraction. We’d rather have a frightened child sit out the haunt this year and come back when they can enjoy the experience, rather than turning them off haunted houses for life. (Yes we’ve seen dumb parents drag their obviously frightened and crying children through the haunt and then turn around and yell at them to “stop being such a BABY!” If you are a parent planning on bringing an infant or toddler through, WTF is wrong with you?)
  17. Atmospheric fog effects, strobe lights and other disorienting special effects may be in use.
  18. Any willful destruction of property, assaults on any actors or other criminal acts will result in an immediate call to Police and ejection from the property. Criminal activity will be prosecuted!
  19. Please do not bring pets!
  20. We reserve the right to limit the size of any group entering the haunt.
  21. We reserve the right to refuse entrance to any patron.