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“This haunted house is wonderful. We return every year and as a always, we find new and unexpected surprises. The "caretakers" put a lot of time and effort into this. Lots of pride and dedication go into the project. We can't wait to see what new surprises and thrills await us this coming Halloween.”
- Lorraine & Randy S. Corning, NY

“The hunted house was great! My friends and I were so scared even though they had already been in it. They actually made waiting in line fun, although the wait wasn't long. I loved the unexpected guest around every corner. By the end I was just sprinting through to beat my friends out alive.”
- Courtney V. Corning, NY

“A great deal of time and effort goes into making this haunt realistic and scary, but with style not seen in other haunts. I appreciate the non-gore/no chainsaw approach taken by the caretaker. Love that food is collected for charity. I travel three hours to visit this haunt!”
- Amy M.  New Hartford, NY

“Kingsbury Haunted House is awesome and it is a lot of fun especially when the weather is just so perfect like a slight breeze, a full-moon with some cloud movement and your imagination running crazy with all the added ingredients of the shriek and scare. I have done haunted houses and yours is right there with the tops. Keep it up and happy Haunting!”
- Paul C. Montour Falls, NY

“I have never worked in a better Haunted House than this one. I can't wait till next year. I love how the caretaker sticks with what scaring should be. Jumping out and scaring the living soul out of you! No blood and guts. If we wanted to see that, we would have just rented a horror movie. This house will make you jump, cry, scream, and you'll never know where something is going to pop out at you. Plus, the whole food charity thing is an amazing idea. I mean scaring people for charity? It doesn't get any better than that! If you haven't checked this place out, please do. You'll be helping a good cause and you'll have the scare of your life!” Melissa N. (Haunt Volunteer) Elmira, NY

This is a great Haunted House to go visit. I had the privilege one year of working here. What drew me to volunteer was the fact that all proceeds are donated to the local food pantry. (Well, that and the fact that I love a good Haunted House!) AND some of the supplies, equipment etc., are also donated. I have become a supporter of this project and send a financial contribution even if I can’t attend. The best part? It’s an awesome haunt! No blood, guts gore or chainsaws! Just great effects to make the little hairs on the back of your neck stand up and quite often there are screams LOL! The “Caretaker” is very good at his craft and had fine tuned this haunt into a five-star attraction.
-Dyenne P. (Haunt Volunteer) Addison, NY

Guest survey comments 2008

  • The little girl was scary as hell!
  • Great clean fun and I’m a big chicken!
  • I’m an arachnophobic – but other than that it was awesome!
  • Excellent! – The Kingsbury Girl with the doll was so good!
  • Really Really Scary – Sorry I bopped that guy in the Nose…. L
  • I always thought I was not a screamer. I was proved wrong several times!

Guest survey comments 2009

  • The black hands in the wall scared us!
  • The Hand! The Hand!
  • So cool looking!
  • Great storyline!
  • Outstanding! Thank You!
  • Loved that person at the end clawing at the ground!
  • Loved the feel of the house.
  • The Crypt people and the mesh man were great!

Guest survey comments 2010

  • GAVE.  ME.  THE.   CHILLS!
  • Loved the sitting people who jumped up to scare you!
  • The cackling Victorian lady scared the crap out us!
  • The creatures in the tunnel scared us the most!
  • They pop up right outta nowhere at ya!
  • Umm those corpse thingies…..
  • That chuckle near the tunnel put me over the edge!