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SeanceSéance - Into the Spirit Realm
(Some doors should be left unopened…….)

September 28th 1872
Jonathan Kingsbury was what most would say, an evil man. However he was also a lonely man. His wife had passed two years hence and had only his daughter to keep him company. The evil that had come to him years ago caused him at many times to be cruel and heartless towards his family. He was unfeeling towards his workers at his farm and other business ventures of which he was a part. He often found it both confusing and interesting that he never found it difficult to be kind and gentle to his wife. He longed for the companionship and compassion his wife had always given him. Despite her suspicions that he held many secrets from her she loved him and always held out hope that he would change his ways for the better one day. Until the day she died she held out hope that the darkness that had pervaded much of his life would some day leave him.

Even after the passage of two years there were times Jonathan missed his wife so much that he would begin to physically hurt. A dull ache that would be indistinct at first but then slowly radiate outward from the center of his being and slowly settle in the pit of his stomach. There was a longing, a need to be able to reconnect with her that pervaded his thoughts and dreams.  Eventually these thoughts and dreams gelled into the realization that made him know that he just had to have his wife back. Mind, body and spirit. Such were the beginnings of his descent into madness.

Jonathan was well aware that the veil between the world of spirits and that of the living was by its nature sometimes thinner than others. He also knew that there were those that practiced the dark arts and could purposely make contact with spirits of the dead. He would call upon the old crone who lived outside of town near the Chimney Bluffs. She would know how to proceed……

October 27th 1872 11:30pm
The dull red-orange moon was out this night. It was mostly obscured by the dark clouds that scudded across leaden skies. A low lying mist spread over the cool ground but did not touch it; almost as if it was afraid to. The Chimney rocks here along the cliff edge near the river normally looked in daylight like the spires of a child's fantasy sand castle. Tonight however they looked more like long twisted fingers poking up out of the earth.

Jonathan stepped up to the door of the small stone house. The door opened but he did not yet see anyone in the darkness. The old woman bade him welcome and he entered the sitting room. Candles flickered everywhere and a small half round table sat in the corner of the room. A well used spirit board sat on the dusty table and next to it the planchette. He had seen supposed séances before when he was younger. He scoffed at these. Simple parlor tricks done by traveling "mediums", more concerned with separating fools from their money rather than communicating with the other side. This time he knew it would be the real thing. Tonight would be no game.

The woman was old and shriveled. In fact Jonathan thought to himself that she looked positively skeletal in the dim flickering light. They sat down at a small table. She began by growing still. After a time she began to speak in a whisper. "Spirits…..spirits…….. We summon you to join us this night." "Knock three times if you wish to join us." After a period of silence he thought he heard a faint rapping on the wall over his shoulder. Glancing toward that direction he thought he saw the picture frame attached to that wall move. Upon closer inspection the picture in the frame began to move and distort. He began to notice a strange and slightly offensive mildewey/mouldy/earthy sort of smell in the air. The swirling distortion began to take shape. He began to be able to see the distortion take the form of his dead wife. Initially he smiled but the smile abruptly faded. A scream began to sound throughout the house. It seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It was then that he slowly began to realize the enormity of his mistake………